Sandy Sure

Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 21:19

And so it came to pass that someone asked Why is God angry with New Jersey and the East Coast?

This loaded question was posted on several social sites pages. Inevitably, it drew forth a slew of replies, according to the persons making them.

Relatively safe from the elements, I could afford to have some fun, and promptly posted clips from an obscure disaster film to counteract the hackneyed ones from The Day After Tomorrow, which, unbelievably, some people were actually thinking was really happening – mostly because the clips included ‘Live Coverage’ at the bottom left of the screen.

The aforementioned film had begun as non-fiction; a “big storm” was predicted years ago by the horror writer Louis Whitley Strieber and supernatural radio show host Art Bell in The Coming Global Superstorm. Strieber had said that he had been abducted by “the visitors” who had talked about Global Warming as a matter of course.

This says a lot for the power that the mass media has over people. But I digress.

I also posted a couple of film posters, for good measure.

My friend Amy said that people who leave huge carbon footprints are partly to blame for the change in weather patterns – and of course, so do those who leave huge muddy footprints on wall-to-wall carpets or freshly-polished parquet.

Seriously, though, I was amazed to see to what lengths some politicians and “holy men” would go to put the blame on their ‘opponents’.

There was fundamentalist preacher Reverend John McTernan, the big, fat, white, anti-homosexual preacher who went all out to blame his nemeses for the death and destruction.   Incidentally, he blamed both Obama and Romney too, for being “pro-gay”.

There were of, course, people who blamed the unspecified wicked for this destruction – but these as well as the reverend gentleman, did not realise that they were indicting the good people for not being holy enough to offset the evil and extinguish Sandy before it really took off. Besides, it’s not as if the hapless “bad-by-definition” people were being plucked from the street and “made dead” while the “not bad” ones could only stand by and watch.

To be fair, there were also those who took a difference stance and said it was a chance for the good to help the unfortunate – who may, of course, be bad, too, perhaps because they are in favour of abortion or euthanasia… Scott, with his tongue firmly in his cheek blamed Snooki; Susan blamed Gangnam Style and I blamed people who smoke, bleach their hair, wear flip-flops in winter, sleep, talk and eat, not necessarily simultaneously.

We all remember the religious zealot who, a while ago, blamed women’s indecent clothes for natural disasters. His statement engendered a good deal of hilarity, and some groups on social sites that actually encouraged women to dress improperly – in the spirit of  scientific research –  and court another  earthquake.

As usually happens there were some who didn’t get the sarcasm, and pointed out that The Lord spoke to Job out of the storm etc.

Since Sandy was dubbed Frankenstorm, it was only natural that conspiracy theorists would opine it was “man-made”; the extreme form of seeding clouds with dry ice to make artificial precipitation.

Despite the fact that meteorologist cited the freakish trio of  factors; hurricane meeting an Arctic storm under a full moon, it was being touted as a fact that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) bigwigs had orchestrated the storm through the use of electromagnetic waves.

Nostradamus has been given credit for predicting Sandy for the simple reason that one of the quatrains describes a Garden submerged by unprecedented flooding, simply because the Battery Areas which includes the famous Battery Park is submerged in record flooding of over 13 feet of water. Talk about citing scripture to suit one’s purpose.

The politically-minded told us that Sandy raged because America was trying to divide the land of Israel, a process that, according to them, begun when President George Bush Sr. initiated the Madrid Peace Process. Apparently, the wars in Iran and Afghanistan were relatively innocuous to the Almighty, perhaps because the Middle East is the Chosen Land, and “the Holy God of Israel is systematically destroying America right before our eyes…”

The mathematicians inform us that Sandy hit 21 years to the day of The Perfect Storm of October 30, 1991. And we all know that 21 is seven for three times, or three for seven times, and both numbers have mystical meaning. Therefore, in effect, God has issued a dire warning to America – rather as if it were the only continent on earth, or at least, the only one that mattered.

What makes it all the more serious is that the people who came up with the extreme theories cited here were perfectly serious, though deluded; and those who agreed with them took us to task for “making a mockery of religion”.  They believe that we should Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever, yet tell us that Vengeance is God’s and He does repay.

This, to me, is even scarier than the devastation left by Sandy.


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