Nothing but the Tooth

So there I was, flitting by a window, enjoying the soft breeze…..when I heard crying.

Simonne was teasing her younger sister”.  “There is no tooth fairy!”  she was saying “

Mama and papa just made her up just as they made up the Sandman and the Easter Bunny.  They just trick you into believing that she exists so that they can give you some extra pocket money without your having to ask for it!

“But she exists!” young Theresa sobbed.  “ I know she does.  I saw her picture in a book once, and mama and papa do not play silly jokes like that.  I mean, I know the Easter Bunny does not exist, because bunnies never grow that big.  The Sandman does not exist either, because every night, before I sleep, I knock about under my bed with a broom, and I would feel him if he were there… But I tell you, the Tooth Fairy exists, she does, too”

“OK, have it your way!” said Simonne with a nasty grin on her face.  But if you stay awake long enough, and pretend you are asleep, you will see mama tiptoe into your bedroom at night, and she will take away the tooth and put a dollar there instead.

Simonne swanned out of the room, tossing her long blonde hair.  At 15, she thinks she is too grown up to believe in me…because, if you haven’t guessed, I am the Tooth Fairy and I saw this scene happen with my own eyes.

Of course I exist!  How could you believe otherwise?  But you humans do not see me – only cats and dogs do.  Isn’t that why you hear them mewling and howling whenever you lose a tooth?  They can see me take the tooth away from under the pillow and replace it with money.

I need the teeth because I grind them down and use the powder ass fertilizer for the plants in my garden.  And my garden is as large as a forest, so I need lots and lots of teeth.  There was a wise guy child who asked his mom whether I would not save money if I just went to Mr. Green’s and bought fertilizer…ah!  But that would not be fun at all.  And anyway, ground-down teeth are much better for plants than the stuff you get in bags.  It has something to do with the tooth enamel,  I’m told.

From the window, I could see Theresa rubbing her eyes.  She was talking to the Cat, and saying that she hoped I exist because she needed some spare money because at school they were collecting stationery and toys for the children who had lost everything in the earthquake that had happened in Aquila, a town in Italy, in Europe.

On many  countries, where the people decide I do not exist, they have different ways of getting rid of teeth.  Sometimes, they throw them at the sun, or mix them up in animal feeds.

The tooth that grows to replace it will resemble the teeth of the animal that would have eaten it – so it was considered lucky if a mouse ate the tooth, because then the child would have sharp, strong teeth.

Sometimes, they sprinkle some salt on the tooth, and then bury teeth in the soil, so that nice flowers will grow over it.

Once, I was not feeling well, and I asked my friend the Sugarplum Fairy to take my place for a couple of days.

And what did she do?  She spent all the money I gave he on sweets, and put gob-stoppers and lollipops and candy canes and sherbet and liquorish under the pillows instead of money.  The parents were really angry (at me!) because they thought I wanted to rot their children’s teeth and get more fertilizer for my garden.

I am a nice person – I have a lot dresses with frilly skirts and tights that match my t-shirts.  I have gossamer wings that shine in the sun, and during the night, they catch the moonbeams and so I am surrounded by light.

You know, some children are scared of losing teeth, but that is sign that they are growing up.  Look  at it this way – you begin losing teeth just when you are about to begin formal schooling!  And if that’s not growing up, I don’t know what is.

Like Santa`s Elves, I have  magical powers, and today,I am going to be especially nice to Theresa – both because she wants to give something to the children who need it, and also to make up for how much her sister Simonne was teasing her earlier on.

I do not even have to wait for Theresa to close her eyes – she cannot see me anyway.  So I tiptoe to her bed, after making sure that the cat is asleep in his basket downstairs, because otherwise he would give the game away.

I gently feel undedr her pillow, and find the tiny silk purse with the tooth inside it.  I take out the tooth and replace the purse, after putting $5, just as Therese is turning a page in her storybook, so she does not notice.  I also place a nice box of color pencils, crayons, erasers, and pencil sharpeners on her desk, with a nice note that says “For the Children of Aquila with Love from the Tooth Fairy!”

In the morning, Theresa goes running downstairs, where her mother is preparing breakfast, clutching her purse and the stationery.

 “Look! Mama! Look! See what I got!” she shouts.  Her sister just gives a sarcastic smile.  Her mother asks what all the shouting is about, and Theresa tells her.

And, you know what? The girl`s mother had totally forgotten that the little one was missing a tooth… so she could not understand what had happened.

Just then, the cat woke up, and he saw me! He came running towards me, instead of to the food bowl as he usually did…. and Simonne just stared at him!


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