5 x 10 Ways to say Ħamallu






Everyone and his uncle is bandying the word ‘bogan’ about, these days. It’s starting to lose its lustre – if it ever had any. So let’s get more imaginative.


1. Billingsgate / Oyster wife


Unlike fishwives in fishing villages such as Cullercoats and Newhaven, who were celebrated for their beauty and diligence, the ones of Billingsgate took snuff and smoked pipes, drank gin and swore like sailors.


2. Chav / chavster     


A chava is a lass in Spanish – but she has nothing to do with a chav, who usually wears branded (usually imitation) clothing, with or without bling. Lance Manley, in his book Stab Proof Scarecrows by, said it was the acronym for council housed and violent, but lexicographer Eric Partridge gives its date of origin as c. 1860. The word probably comes from the Romani chavi, child.



3. Redneck / rabble / scum / undesirables


People use the term redneck when they really mean Trailer Trash at worst, or cracker / hillbilly at best (in a manner of speaking). Originally, the term was used to describe farmers, whose bodies were protected by work clothes, but whose necks turned red from the sun.   


4. WAG


These are the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, but generally speaking, of football players. They are not usually known for being shrinking violets. WAGs past and present include Alessandria Merz; Carly Zucker; Carrie Underwood; Ciara; Gabriella Lenzi; Gisele Bündchen; Hilary Duff; Irina Shayk; Keshia Chante; Khloe Kardashian; Kim Sears;  La La Anthony; Lena Gercke; Lisa Roughead; Margaret Natsuki; Michaela Henderson-Thynne; Natalia Velez; Nawal Ayoub; Nicole Scherzinger; Sam Cooke; Sarah Brandner; Shakira; Vanessa Perroncel; Victoria Beckham; Xisca Perello; Yolanthe Cabau.


5. Peasants / Plebian / Philistine / Proletariat


A little alliteration never harmed anyone. Romans were either high-class patricians, or lower-class plebeians, just one step above from the populace (the commoners). The plebs tended to be nouveau-riche – more money than manners.




It does not stop here.  If you want to insult anyone about his lack of nous and savoir faire, kindly select a term from the following:


Barbarian /  Bourgeoisie / Commoner / Hoi polloi /  Low-class  /  Lowlife / Riffraff / Rude / Uncouth / Uncultured / Untutored / Yob.



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