20 Ways to Make Your Life Better



1. Admit it when you’re wrong; it will actually impress people.
2. Delegate when you can; when you can’t, don’t even try.
3. Do as you would be done by.
4. Don’t worry what others are thinking about you; they are too busy worrying what you are thinking about them.
5. Even sentences have punctuation; take time out for a breather.
6. It always helps to get feedback from a sincere friend.
7. Learn how to prioritise. Is it really necessary to hang an item of clothing with the same colour of pegs?
8. Never nag; it will rebound and create bad blood.
9. Never wallow in negative feelings; gen up on the art of compromise.
10. Perfection is an illusion; is a house that’s spotless for just five minutes worth the hassle?
11. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to talk; everyone loves a listener.
12. Remind yourself often not to associate happiness with specific times, people, or places.
13. Scrap the guilt complex. If you didn’t have time to sew on a button – wear a different shirt.
14. Serendipity is a butterfly; chase it and it flies off, stay still and it comes of its own accord.
15. Settle differences before they fester into feuds.
16. Something’s got to give; make sure it’s not your sanity.
17. Stop trying to be Wonder Woman; her costume’s both ridiculous and uncomfortable!
18. Surroundings have a bearing on attitude; a tidy place makes for a calmer atmosphere.
19. Touching base is good, but there are no prizes for returning e-mails, faxes and phonecalls immediately…
20. Treat yourself as you would like to be treated by others; this sends out the correct message.


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