I am me

I am sea-urchins and anchovies, honey, capers, prickly pears and olives, from the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret.
I am the Grand Harbour view flat, cosy, homely, comfortable, an islander who feels as much at home in the water as outside it.

I am the tiger lily freckles and the honeysuckle tendrils, and orange blossom water used as scent because it smells faintly of 4711.

I am the coat of arms with the lion rampant holding the fleur-de-lys;
the stubborn and the witty, the tall and the big-footed.

I am the parsimonious yet generous,
proud yet humble, solitary yet friendly.
I lisp. I am intelligent and clumsy.
I am bookish.

I am the Catholic Pessimist and Jewish Cynic and Agnostic Believer.

I am a cauldron of Phoenician, Carthaginian, Norman and French genes.

I am me.


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